Founded in 2016 by a handful of creatives and creators under the name 'KUNSCHT', the art collective aims to bridge the gap between small scene exhibitions and large, elite art establishments, thus making art accessible to everyone.

The vision of PLATTFORM11 is to make Stuttgart visible on the map of contemporary art and thus to promote and retain talent.

As we travelled around the world and talked to people from other countries to tell them about our art collective, we realised that the name KUNSCHT was difficult to explain and hard to remember. 

The name PLATTFORM11 is composed on the one hand of the platform for young and talented artists itself and the 11 from the postal code of Stuttgart 0711, in order to establish a reference to the origin of the collective.
In the lettering of the logo, the double T also symbolizes the 11.


Denise Haverkamp @nisiika


Irina Selzer @irina.slzr


Tim Bengel @timbengel


Constantin Schiller @constantin.schiller

Founder, retired


The whole crew of PLATTFORM11 @plattform11 and everyone who supports us.

You are the best.

Thanks for watching.